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Plastic & Aesthetic surgery, laser medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, vein medicine

Herzog Karl Clinic / Apollo Clinic Stuttgart

The Herzog Karl clinic emerged from the long-established Apollo-clinic Stuttgart GmbH.  The modern private clinic offers an interdisciplinary specialisation in plastic and aesthetic surgery, laser medicine, orthopaedics and vein medicine.

 The specialty of plastic surgery (plastic and aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery) is represented by an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and a specialised specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery.  Laser treatments of the skin are carried out by a plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist.  Three specialised orthopedists are effective in the field of orthopaedics and sports medicine.  Laser medicine is also used by vein specialists for vein treatments.

 Plastic surgery Stuttgart

 The Herzog Karl Clinic is the only clinic in Stuttgart to offer the complete spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as laser medicine.  The most widespread plastic surgery is eyelid lift, nose correction, liposuction, breast enlargement, breast lift and abdominal tightening.  Due to the interdisciplinary exposure and of the clinic, combination interventions are often perceived (e.g. knee surgery with eyelid lift, liposuction or breast correction).  Thus, the treatment and recovery time required for orthopaedic treatment is used for long-desired plastic surgery.

 Laser treatments in Stuttgart

 All methods are carried out in state-of-the-art operating theatres.  Laser treatments are carried out in a special laser room.  Experienced anaesthetists are accessible around the clock.  A nursing team specialised in plastic surgery and orthopaedics enables pleasant care in wonderful single or double rooms.

 Relax in the Herzog Karl Clinic – in one of the most beautiful slopes in Stuttgart.


Dr. med. R. Khorram

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

 Dr.  med.  R. Khorram has been active in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery since 1994. Since 2002, he has been head of the special clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery at the Apollo Clinic Stuttgart.



Financing of plastic surgery in Stuttgart

Many patients today use the way of financing.  Our financing partners are Medical Processing and Medical.  You can have a financing offer prepared on the following websites:                           

Many patients alternatively use financing through your house bank.

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