Improvements in laser medicine enable innovative and diverse treatment options.  This significantly expands the spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery.  Depending on the laser type, wrinkles, pigment disorders, benign skin changes and stains can be removed.  The effective scarless treatment of coup rose and tattoos are also possible.  The use of modern laser technology ensures precise and gentle treatment.  For example, hair roots can be reached in a targeted manner without damaging the surrounding skin.  The laser beam can also be used as a scalpel.  There is no bleeding and follow-up treatment is easier.

 However, there are also restrictions to laser technology.  In our clinic, we have 5 state-of-the-art laser systems that are only operated by experienced specialists to ensure maximum safety.  Our plastic surgery specialist decides competently in which cases laser therapy makes sense.

 Most laser treatments are accepted as new benefits by private health insurers.  The statutory health insurances decide whether to assume the costs individually after an application has been made.

 Our experience and your trust are the basis for our many years of success in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Stuttgart.

 Together we will take a lot of time and advise you in detail and individually.  We look forward to your call.



 Dr. med.  R. Khorram

 specialist for

 Laser treatment

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